Quality Management

Quality Management

Food quality management systems help to ensure that products are safe and fit for purpose. Food quality management uses tools, such as HACCP and auditing, to describe processes, analyse what could go wrong, put procedures in place to prevent things going wrong, check the systems are working, and identify actions to take if things do go wrong

  • Harvesting Onions

    Harvesting Onions

    Success in harvesting onions will depend on proper planting and care throughout the growing season. Plant onions as soon as the garden can be worked. Rich soil, consistent moisture and cool temperatures help them development.We are choosing best quality onion for dehydration and make sure that onions are fresh. we ensure that onions are shiny, and tissue-thin skins. Necks should be tight and dry. We also ensure that onion has nice and crisp texture.

  • Washing & Peeling

    Washing & Peeling

    In the Washing & Peeling stage, automatic machine will remove outer covering skin from onion. They are notched, topped and tailed and finally peeled with an air blowing system. The perfectly peeled onions not only look good, their superb microbiological state ensures a long shelf-life. After that, it will move to washing stage, where they will be washed with medicated water containing 10 ppm chlorine.

  • Slicing


    In slicing, washed onions sent for cutting through conveyer belt. It cuts onions in even shape. Than after all the sliced onion automaticly seprated based on their type such as Chopped, Kibbled and Minced.

  • Drying


    The onion chips are loaded on the Stainless Steel Dryer Belts through conveyer belt system. The automatic dryer belts ensure the required dehydration without affecting the taste of the onion. After that material goes to air conditioned rooms where in it is passed through huller machine to grade the material by size i.e. Flakes, Granules, Powder etc. After the first round of drying material are sent for binary dryers to reduce the moisture content.

  • Sorting & Metal Detection

    Sorting & Metal Detection

    Manual sorting is carried out to remove further impurities. The Product is passed through high power magnetic sticks and metal detectors to remove all metal impurities and ensures desired quality product.

  • Storage & Packaging

    Storage & Packaging

    Store the dehydrated onion flakes, minced onions, and onion powder in separate jars. Label, date, and store in a cool area away from direct light. Check the jars in a few days to be sure there isn't any moisture accumulating on the glass. If you find moisture, dehydrate again and repackage into fresh jars. Insects free and controlled moisture place to be chosen to store the finished goods. We own our own cold storage facility to store ready materials.

  • Shipment


    Our stored goods are than ready for dispatch to buyers on samples approvals. We provide documents supporting to the quality of our products like KOSHER, FSSAI, APEDA, FDA etc.

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